Innovative Mental Health Intervention. 

This category celebrates innovative and successful interventions for those experiencing mental health difficulties at any age. It is expected that entries include at least two years’ worth of outcome data. The intervention should be based on sound principles of mental health interventions, clinical advice or research, whilst also evidencing how it is innovative. 

Innovative Proactive Well-being Activity. 

This category is designed to celebrate innovative well-being interventions or activities that have had a positive impact over at least two years. 

Long-Term Impact (Open to Reactive or Proactive Interventions). 

The long-term category is open to both mental health and well-being interventions that can evidence a positive impact over at least five years. 

The lifestyle Award (Evidence of Lifestyle Change in a Population). 

This category is aimed at celebrating mental health and well-being interventions that have sought to embed behaviour change in a population over time. Entries are expected to evidence how they have changed lifestyle choices as a result of their work. 

Support during the pandemic. 

The pandemic has had a massive impact on the mental health of the general public, in addition to how services continue to operate. This category will celebrate those who have continued to make a difference to their service services and found innovative ways of providing or growing services. 

Outstanding Contribution to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector. 

The outstanding contribution category is designed to celebrate an individual or team who have contributed significantly to the mental health and well-being sector. This category is not designed to celebrate long service, but recognise those who had a positive impact in the field. 

Inspirational Story. 

This category is designed to celebrate the service users or clients who have overcome overwhelming challenges to tackle their mental health or well-being, or those whose lives have been affected by the mental health of others. Entries can be nominated by professionals, families or friends and must include several viewpoints.