Richard Daniel Curtis

CEO, The Mental Health Tick & The Root Of It

Richard Daniel Curtis

Richard comes from a background in mental health nursing and teaching. He set up The Root Of It in 2013 to provide consultancy and training in the sector. The team run the Mental Health Awareness Programme, a suite of training programmes designed to ensure that staff in any organisation have access to mental health awareness.

The team also run The Mentoring School, delivering qualifications and courses for mentors in different sectors. Richard is chair of the National Special Educational Needs and Disability Awards. His specialist interest is in the development of social and emotional skills and the impact on mental health.

He is a parent to two young children and completing his Psychology PhD in his spare time.

Nick Maguire

Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Southampton

Alison Bennetts

Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Southampton

Dr Alison Bennetts is a qualified Clinical Psychologist employed in both academia and clinical practice. Working in healthcare settings for over 10 years, she has a specialist interest in transdiagnostic and holistic, mind-body approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Jessica Thom

Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Programme Director, NHS Surrey and the Borders

Jessica, is an experienced public sector commissioner who has specialised in children & young people’s mental health and the wider children’s services. Starting her career in the voluntary and community sector, she has focused undertaking roles and projects that focus on improving outcomes for children and young people through transformation and user involvement. She has continued to champion local services and mental health awareness through her work and volunteering. Academically Jessica has a BSc and MSc honours in Psychology and is currently working for NHS Surrey and Borders Trust as the Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Programme Director.

Gemma Gordon

Actress and presenter