Award Ceremony

Information on this year’s award ceremony.

The Mental Health Awards 2024!

This Years Awards Ceremony;

This year’s Awards Ceremony is set to take place on the 10th of October 2024, at The Pentahotel, Reading. Further information to be announced.

Please contact our awards team on if you have any queries or to discuss your brand’s needs.

The Pentahotel, Reading, Oxford Road, Reading RG1 7RH, United Kingdom

"We all know how critical mental health is to everyday life, together let's make a healthier, happier nation."

Sir Ben Ainslie
Olympic sailor

"So many people suffer with mental health issues, these awards are a really good thing and congratulations to the winners."

Gary Lineker
Sports broadcaster & former footballer

"Mental health difficulties affect us all at some point, so it's wonderful to see awards that celebrate people who have an impact on people's well-being."

Stephen Fry
Actor, comedian and writer

"It is vital we consider mental health in the same way we consider physical health. I'm all for looking after our bodies, our heart, being fit and strong, but there's no point if everything on the outside works, but inside we have issues that we can't talk about."

Gabby Logan
Presenter and former international gymnast

"These awards help encourage people to ask for help and experience the beauty of recovery."

Gemma Gordon

"Mental health is something which affects so many of us, whether it is ourselves, a family member or a friend. Even though it affects so many, it is spoken about by so few, that is why I am supporting the awards."

Charlie Mills
Made in Chelsea