2022 UK Award Winners

Winners from previous award ceremonies.

Innovative Mental Health Intervention

QB tech and AHSN network

QB Tech is an organisation which is primarily focused on the management of reducing the NHS waitlist by expediting the long assessment process and creating a more streamlined clinician diagnosis. QB Tech has been a part of creating the AHSN Network in partnership with the NHS to do this.

Fir Vale School

Fir Vale School is a large secondary school positioned in one of the most deprived areas of Sheffield. Fir vale has had a large impact across Sheffield supporting children, and their families through difficult situations and recognising that they were educating a significant number of children who would benefit from support outside of the norm. Fir Vale worked with several professionals to develop a range of support for children who have been impacted by adverse childhood experiences.

Talk for Health

Talk for Health is an organisation which offers training to those struggling with mental health, they offer a therapeutic and skill-building experience to help people to use healthy coping mechanisms to manage their mental health.

Road Chef

Road Chef worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that those who were on furlough in the company had well-being support during the pandemic. This included things such as hardship loans to ensure those struggling financially were supported and those out of work had reorientation training to ensure that staff were aware of changes to policies and guidelines before returning to work.

Rita Trotter 

Rita Trotter is a highly qualified Health and Fitness Coach who has experienced her own struggles with physical and mental health. She has since gained the knowledge and skills to support others in achieving their own wellbeing goals and is now making an enormous impact on those she helps. Her resilience and determination to turn her own life around has earned her the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022.

Karen Forshaw and Chrissie Mowbray 

Karen and Chrissy are exemplary professionals who have worked to provide support for mental health issues in healthcare professionals working in the community. They are both empathetic yet pragmatic, and have produced tools and approaches to help people with their mental health and to promote long-term mental health and well-being. Due to their efforts, they have been awarded the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022 in recognition of their work.

Laura Earnshaw 

Laura is an inspirational winner of the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022. She has worked as a Global HR Director for FTSE 100 companies and is passionate about supporting young people’s mental health. She left her job to create her own organisation, myHappymind, which is now an NHS-backed programme in schools, nurseries and organisations impacting hundreds of thousands of children. Laura is dedicated to building resilience, self-esteem and well-being habits in primary school children.

Georgina Chelton

Georgina is an incredibly dedicated professional with a clear commitment to mental health and wellbeing. In 2017 she founded a Community Interest Company to assist families with trauma, and provides counselling for her own company, Serenity Self Care and Wellbeing Ltd. During the first lockdown, she sacrificed her income and personal time to provide free counselling for NHS staff, and reached out to 8 other qualified counsellors to help her fill the caseload. Georgina has been recognised for this dedication and been awarded the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022.

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is a consultant clinical psychologist who has worked diligently to provide support to children with anxiety, trauma, and depression. He showed tremendous empathy and respect towards the family of Lizzie Mcphee’s son, helping them to believe in professionals again and giving them hope. Patrick’s commitment to helping the most traumatised and difficult children is outstanding, and his contribution is highly appreciated by all the families he has helped.

Dr Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman is a highly successful healthcare professional and leader at the Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is head of Staff Health and Wellbeing and has introduced a number of initiatives to ensure the trust’s staff are supported in both a professional and personal capacity. His hard work has been recognised nationally and he has been awarded the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022 for his success in redesigning and implementing the trust’s staff health and wellbeing programme. This programme is available 24/7 and contains a range of different resources to help staff in their own time.

Dr Natalie Whitton and Natalie Lawrence 

Natalie L and Natalie W have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the Emergency Department by winning ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022. Their work on promoting positive behaviour and well-being amongst their team has had a positive impact on the whole organisation, and is an example of how the power of civility and kindness can bring people together and improve the care provided to patients. The team’s efforts have been rewarded and celebrated for the positive changes they have made in their department.

Andrew Jenkins 

Andrew has had a difficult upbringing, as he was highly dyslexic and had low self-esteem. Despite this, he persevered and used his dyslexic tendencies as a form of drive and determination to become a vanguard of self-development, and a believer in a growth mindset and wellbeing. He now runs a corporate development company and a private practice, helping people to overcome their worries, anxieties and limiting beliefs. As a result of his impressive work, he was awarded the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022.

George Anderson 

George Anderson has been a passionate and committed individual in his work with clients, leading to his nomination and subsequent win of the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022. His impactful initiatives, such as the creation of the Facebook group ‘On The Wagon’ and the organisation of retreats to the Pyrenees, have had a significant and positive effect on many lives. His career has seen close to 18,000 client sessions and he has worked with over 50 companies and held over 200 presentations. George’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of those he works with is clear in his success and recognition.

Fauzia Khan

Fauzia Khan, an Assistant Psychologist, and a colleague, Senior Psychologist, recognised the challenges and pressures brought on by the coronavirus and developed a workshop initiative to support their team’s wellbeing. Drawing on interventions from Compassion Focused Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, they provided a workshop to all staff members to emphasise that their needs were important. The feedback from the attendees indicated that the workshop was beneficial and appreciated, leading to Fauzia receiving the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022.

Nick Forsythe

Nicky Forsythe has dedicated her life to improving mental healthcare and challenging the traditional conventions in the space. She had a personal experience with mental illness that inspired her to create Talk For Health, which is a platform that provides effective and accessible therapeutic talk to those in need. As a result of her hard work and dedication, Nick has been awarded the ‘Nominate a Professional’ Award 2022.

Harry Rudden-Vine

Harry has been awarded the Inspirational Story Award for The Mental Awards 2022 for his selfless act of raising mental health awareness in response to his own personal tragedy. His contributions to the ‘peace garden’ at school, including ‘positivity pebbles’, have been recognised and appreciated by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Harry’s mother, Clair, is incredibly proud of his efforts and is astounded by his kind nature.

Alice Hendy

Alice was recently awarded the Inspirational Story Award for The Mental Health Awards 2022 for her admirable work on Ripple Suicide Prevention. Alice was driven to create Ripple after her brother, Josh, passed away in November 2020. Ripple has saved 22 lives and has been downloaded over 140,000 times, and Alice has managed to do this while working a full-time job and grieving. Alice is an inspiration to many and her family are proud of her achievements.

Katja Pavlovna

Katja has been awarded the Inspirational Story Award for The Mental Health Awards 2022 in recognition of her incredible journey and determination to help others. She is an inspiration to many and her story of resilience and determination has helped to challenge stigma and make a difference in the mental health community. Katja has been a beacon of hope for those struggling to access diagnosis and support.

Sarah Tupling

Sarah has been awarded the Inspirational Story Award for The Mental Health Awards 2022 in recognition of her incredible work in the deaf community. Despite her struggles with her own mental health, Sarah is passionate and committed to improving the lives of deaf women and providing support to those in need. She has been an incredible support to the community and is praised for the impact she has made on everyone around her.

Stuart Bratt

Stuart has been awarded the Inspirational Story Award at The Mental Health Awards 2022. His charity, Tough Enough To Care, was set up in 2019 in order to remove the stigma surrounding mental ill health in male-dominated environments such as the military, emergency services and sports clubs. Through his dedication, Stuart has trained 1000 men in a basic understanding of mental health and has gained national and global support for the work he does.

Tracey Jones

Tracey, CEO and founder of Chrysalis Mindset Coaching, was recently awarded the Inspirational Story Award for The Mental Health Awards 2022. Her work focuses on interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, and aims to improve the sense of well-being, resilience, self-awareness, confidence and social and emotional skills for those she works with. Her drive and determination to bring her vision to life and her inspiring attitude have been recognised both inside and outside of her community.

Edward Dean

Edward has been awarded the Inspirational Story Award for The Mental Health Awards 2022 for his incredible work in setting up the ‘let’s talk project’ and the charity Anxious Minds. Through his hard work and dedication, he has been able to provide support to thousands of people in the Northeast and beyond who have struggled with mental health issues. He has become an inspirational role model in his local community and has been praised by the prime minister for his work.

"We all know how critical mental health is to everyday life, together let's make a healthier, happier nation."

Sir Ben Ainslie
Olympic sailor

"So many people suffer with mental health issues, these awards are a really good thing and congratulations to the winners."

Gary Lineker
Sports broadcaster & former footballer

"Mental health difficulties affect us all at some point, so it's wonderful to see awards that celebrate people who have an impact on people's well-being."

Stephen Fry
Actor, comedian and writer

"It is vital we consider mental health in the same way we consider physical health. I'm all for looking after our bodies, our heart, being fit and strong, but there's no point if everything on the outside works, but inside we have issues that we can't talk about."

Gabby Logan
Presenter and former international gymnast

"These awards help encourage people to ask for help and experience the beauty of recovery."

Gemma Gordon

"Mental health is something which affects so many of us, whether it is ourselves, a family member or a friend. Even though it affects so many, it is spoken about by so few, that is why I am supporting the awards."

Charlie Mills
Made in Chelsea