The Mental Health Awards Winners 2023

Debbie Teale

Inspirational Story

Congratulations to Debbie Teale for being selected as the winner of the ‘Inspirational Story’ award! Despite facing personal struggles with mental health, Debbie has become a strong advocate for promoting patient voice, peer support, and increasing clinician awareness of the experiences of mental health users.

Despite being told that she may never be able to work again, Debbie has defied the odds and has become a key figure in advocating for mental health sufferers throughout the country. We are proud to recognise and celebrate Debbie’s dedication and impact in the mental health community.

Sarah Clay

Nominate a Professional

We are proud to announce that Sarah Clay has been awarded the prestigious “Nominate a Professional” award for her outstanding contributions as a psychotherapist. Nominated by one of her former patients, Sarah’s dedication to helping individuals overcome their past and flourish in their lives has been recognised and celebrated. Congratulations, Sarah, on this well-deserved recognition!

Tahreem Noor

Outstanding Contribution to the sector

We are delighted to announce that Tahreem Noor, the operational lead of Supporting Humanity, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Outstanding Contribution to the sector’ award. Her exceptional leadership and dedication have greatly enhanced the impact of the organisation’s work. Through her efforts, she has established peer support networks, implemented yoga, Chai and Chaat sessions, and raised substantial funds to support Supporting Humanitys’ causes. Additionally, Tahreem has initiated Reach Out, a program in schools that educates children about mental health and equips them to identify symptoms and seek support. Tahreem’s contributions have been truly invaluable. Congratulations to Tahreem on this well-deserved recognition of her outstanding achievements.

The National Church Institutions

Support During the Pandemic

We are thrilled to announce that The National Church Institutions has been recognised as the winner of the ‘Support During the Pandemic’ award. Dedicated to supporting the mission and ministries of the Church of England, The National Church Institutions went above and beyond during the pandemic to provide support for their people and those serving the public. From drop-ins and holiday support, to film and gardening clubs, resilience training, and Sharing Head Space sessions, they truly prioritised the well-being and needs of their community.

This also included providing spaces for reflection on important issues such as Black Lives Matter and hosting check-ins and open discussions to support leaders. With daily newsletters and monthly town hall meetings, The National Church Institutions ensured that their people felt supported and cared for during this challenging time, with 90% of them reporting feeling supported when surveyed. We are honored to acknowledge The National Church Institutions for their exceptional dedication and support during the pandemic.

NHS Practitioner Health

Long-Term Impact

We are delighted to announce that NHS Practitioner Health has been honored with the prestigious ‘Long Term Impact’ award! This incredible organisation has been providing life-changing support to health and social care professionals struggling with mental health and addiction issues since 2008. Starting out as a small pilot program, NHS Practitioner Health was created to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare workers in accessing confidential mental healthcare.

Originally limited to doctors and dentists in London, this organisation has now expanded to provide national services to healthcare professionals in England and Scotland. In its 15 years of operation, NHS Practitioner Health has helped over 25,000 practitioners, making it the largest publicly funded provider of its kind worldwide. Thank you to their unwavering commitment to improving the well-being of healthcare workers, NHS Practitioner Health truly deserves this well-deserved recognition, Congratulations!

Roadchef Motorways LTD

Innovative proactive well-being activity

We are thrilled to announce that Roadchef Motorways LTD has been awarded the prestigious ‘Innovative proactive well-being activity’ award! As one of Britain’s leading roadside service area operators, with 30 locations across the country, they strive to prioritise the well-being of their team and customers. Through their innovative initiatives such as the Wagestream app, financial advice and assistance, hospital support plan, and community pantries, they are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace. They also offer subsidised meals, breakfast facilities, free sanitary products, and family events for their hardworking staff, as well as increased flexibility in working arrangements. This award is a testament to their commitment to fostering a healthy and happy workplace for all.

Southdown and Netpark Wellbeing

Innovative Mental Health Intervention

We are thrilled to announce that both Southdown and Netpark Wellbeing have been recognised as joint winners of the prestigious ‘Innovative Mental Health Intervention’ award. These two organisations have stood out for their exceptional contributions in the field of mental health support, making a positive impact in their local communities.

Southdown, a voluntary sector provider based in Sussex, has been commended for its Staying Well project. This initiative offers a valuable network of out-of-hours crisis prevention spaces, providing a safe and non-clinical environment for those experiencing emotional distress. Through the provision of psycho social support, signposting to other services, and crisis prevention planning, Staying Well has helped over 2500 clients strengthen their coping skills and take steps towards recovery. Operating out of Eastbourne and Hastings Well-being Centres, as well as a Well-being Hub in Brighton, this project has truly made a difference in the lives of many.

Meanwhile, the NetPark Wellbeing Project has been making waves in Southend on Sea since its formation in 2016. Developed in partnership between Southend on Sea City Council and arts organisation Metal Southend, this 12-week program offers a diverse range of activities, from journaling to digital art to outdoor exploration, all aimed at improving participants’ mental health and well-being. Thanks to referrals from various organisations, including social care, GPs, and community mental health teams, the Project has reached over 200 participants last year, providing them with a lifeline to better mental health. We applaud the additional funding secured by Metal Arts for a specialist men’s trauma group and a deaf and non-hearing group, further expanding the reach of this vital intervention.

Both Southdown and Netpark Wellbeing are shining examples of how innovative ideas and collaborative efforts can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues. Congratulations to these deserving organisations for their well-deserved recognition. Together, they are making a positive impact and inspiring others to prioritise care and support for mental health.

Congratulations and Thank you to everyone who was a part of The 2023 Mental Health Awards!

We are so honoured and grateful to be a part of celebrating such incredible work from individuals and organisations working hard to make a positive impact! We thank everyone who nominated this year and look forward to welcoming next years nominations! Entries for 2024 open on January 1st!