Celebrating outstanding and inspirational stories from across the UK and internationally.

Nominations are Open until May 30th 2023!

The Mental Health Awards are a celebration of successful interventions and inspirational stories of people who have experienced recovery. Since 2019, organisations, services and individuals have been awarded for their relentless work toward making a difference in their communities. This award symbolises hard work and heart-felt devotion. Let us know about people and organisations who deserve to receive a Mental Health Award!


Judged by a panel representing clinicians and national mental health organisations, the awards cover the following categories:

Innovative proactive wellbeing activity
This category is designed to celebrate innovative wellbeing interventions or activities that have had a positive impact over at least two years.

Long-term impact
The long-term category is open to both mental health and wellbeing interventions that can evidence a positive impact over at least five years.

The lifestyle award
This category is aimed at celebrating mental health and wellbeing interventions that have sought to embed behaviour change in a population over time. Entries are expected to evidence how they have changed lifestyle choices as a result of their work.

Support during the pandemic
The pandemic has had a massive impact on the mental health of the general public, in addition to how services continue to operate. This category will celebrate those who have continued to make a difference to their service users and found innovative ways of providing or growing services.

Outstanding contribution to the mental health and wellbeing sector
The outstanding contribution category is designed to celebrate an individual who has contributed significantly to the mental health and wellbeing sector. This category is not designed to celebrate long service, but recognise those who had a positive impact in the field.

Inspirational story
This category is designed to celebrate the service users or clients who have overcome overwhelming challenges to tackle their mental health or wellbeing. Entries can be nominated by professionals, families or friends and must include several viewpoints. Includes a category for nominating under 18s.

Nominate a professional
This category is for the public to nominate an individual mental health professional who they think has made the difference to them and others.

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